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‘Tis the season to be jolly, but for many of us, it’s also the season to feel alone. Whether you are single, or just feeling lonely this holiday season, we’ve got some tips that will help you find social connections and have a ho-ho-hot Christmas.

Things You Can Do on Your Own at Christmas

First of all, don’t discount the idea of having a solo Christmas. There are plenty of ways to make your own special traditions and create an enjoyable day for yourself with no one else around. Bake some festive treats, like gingerbread cookies or candy canes; go ice skating; watch Christmas movies; listen to carols; start a new holiday hobby like making wreaths or knitting scarves; curl up with a good book next to the fire; take yourself out for dinner or drinks. The possibilities are endless!

Ways You Can Find Social Things To Do At Christmas

If you do decide that you want to get out and about during the holidays, there are plenty of ways to find social things to do at Christmas. Join online groups or forums related to your interests and hobbies—you never know who else might be looking for people in their area with whom they can celebrate the holidays. Look into volunteer opportunities in your area—you can give back while also meeting new people who share your passion for helping others. Check out local meetups in person or virtually—there are always events going on during the holidays that bring together people from various backgrounds and lifestyles. And if all else fails…there’s always Tinder!

Christmas doesn't have to be a lonely time of year! By being creative, taking initiative and seeking out social connections that match your interests, you can make sure that your holiday is merry and bright even if you're spending it alone this year. So go forth and have yourself a ho-ho-hot Christmas in whatever way makes you happy!

Charlie x

Talking about sex and unusual kinks with your partner can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether both of you are interested in exploring something new or just want to feel more open about your sexual desires, this guide will help make the conversation easier.

Be Prepared

Before you sit down to talk with your partner, it’s important to prepare yourself. Make sure that you know what it is you want out of the conversation. Are there any specific activities or fantasies that you’d like to explore? Knowing what topics you plan on discussing beforehand can help make the conversation flow more smoothly. Additionally, remember that being prepared doesn’t necessarily mean having all the answers right away. Asking questions and having an open mind is just as important and can help create a positive dialogue between both of you.

Take It Slow

When discussing something new with your partner, it’s important to take things slow and not rush into anything. This is especially true when talking about new sexual activities or kinks. Keeping the conversation lighthearted and fun can help ease any potential tension or anxiety either of you may be feeling. Talking through each step together without judgment or pressure is key in making sure everyone feels comfortable and safe. Remember that communication should always be consensual!

Stay Positive & Respectful

Everyone has different boundaries when it comes to sex so make sure that respect remains at the forefront of the conversation no matter how awkward it might get! Even if something isn’t something either of you are interested in exploring, staying positive and respectful instead of judgmental will ensure a healthier relationship overall. Additionally, try not to take yourself too seriously – don’t be afraid to laugh together throughout the discussion if need be! You know each other best after all – being able to laugh together will only draw both of you closer together in the end!

Although talking about sex, unusual kinks or fantasies can feel intimidating at first, there is no need to fear - communication is key! By following these tips—being prepared, taking things slow, staying positive & respectful—you'll soon find yourself feeling more confident in discussing new ideas with your partner. Open communication is essential for healthy relationships so don't hesitate - start a dialogue today!

Have fun with it - who knows what unexpected surprises await? And if they don't want to help you explore, you can discuss finding someone else in your life who can help you explore that kink. Or, alternatively, if your kink is extremely important to you and you can't find a way to explore yourself within this relationship, perhaps this is the perfect moment to re-evaluate whether this relationship serves you in your life in a way that you still feel supported and loved.

Charlie x

What is Consensual Non-Consent?
11/22/2023 11:55pm

When it comes to the world of sexual fantasies, there is one term that is often misunderstood and misused—consensual non-consent (CNC). While the name might seem self-explanatory, it's worth taking a closer look at what CNC means and why some people are drawn to it. Let's explore this topic in more detail.

What Does CNC Mean?

Simply put, consensual non-consent is a type of role play where both parties agree to engage in activities that mimic those of a non-consensual encounter. It can include anything from verbal sparring and playful restraints to full on “rape” scenes. It should be noted, however, that consensual non-consent does not involve real non-consensual activity; it is merely an agreed upon fantasy between two or more consenting adults.

How Popular Is It Statistically?

The exact number of people who engage in consensual non-consent isn't known, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its portrayal in films and television shows such as 50 Shades of Grey and Game of Thrones. A 2017 survey conducted by Dr. Justin Lehmiller found that 45% of men and 28% of women reported having fantasies about rape or coercive sex. Of those surveyed, 24% said they had fantasized about rape at least once a month over the past year. This indicates that consensual non-consent could be quite popular amongst both men and women.

Why Do People Like It?

People may be drawn to CNC for any number of reasons; some may enjoy the role playing aspect while others may find it erotic or exciting. Others still may like the power dynamics involved with submitting to someone else’s will. Ultimately, each individual will have their own unique reasons for being interested in consensual non-consent play—and that's OK! Everyone has different interests when it comes to sex and sexual fantasies are no exception.

Does Consensual Non Consent Mean People Want To Be Raped?

Absolutely not! Consensual non consent does not mean someone wants to be raped—it means they want to explore certain fantasies with their partner(s) in a safe environment where all boundaries are respected and communication is encouraged throughout the experience. It should never feel forced or uncomfortable for either party involved; if it does, then something needs to change immediately so everyone remains comfortable and safe during playtime!

So there you have it—everything you need to know about consensual non-consent! While this type of role play may not appeal to everyone, many people find pleasure and excitement in exploring these types of scenarios with their partners—so long as all parties remain respectful towards each other’s boundaries at all times! If you're interested in trying out CNC yourself, just make sure you communicate openly with your partner(s) beforehand so everyone knows exactly what they're getting into before engaging in any activity together!

Charlie x

Everyone can agree that sex is one of the best things about being alive and healthy. But why settle for just your bedroom when you can explore some of the most exotic and adventurous places to have sex? Take a look at our list of 101 places to get it on before you die!

1. The Beach – Nothing says romance like getting caught in the act with sand between your toes and the sound of waves crashing in the background. Just remember, if there are people around, keep it discreet!

2. The Pool – Who needs a beach when you’ve got a pool? While this might be a bit riskier than the beach, especially if you don’t own your own private pool, it can still provide an exciting escape from everyday life.

3. The Car – Ahh yes, classic car sex. This might not be for everyone but it could be quite thrilling for those who are willing to take a risk! Just make sure to pick a spot far away from prying eyes…

4. An Elevator – If you want something more daring, why not try out an elevator? They don’t call it “elevator sex” for nothing! Just make sure to check around first; being caught in an awkward situation is no fun.

5. A Boat – If you’re lucky enough to have access to a boat, then this is definitely one of the hottest spots on our list! Whether you go out during the day or night, sailing into the sunset with someone special will surely be an unforgettable experience.

6. A Jacuzzi – There’s nothing better than relaxing in a jacuzzi with someone special after a long day at work or school. And if you happen to take things further while in there… well that would just be an added bonus!

7. Underwater – Diving into unknown depths with your partner can be incredibly romantic and intimate… just make sure both of you know how to swim well before attempting this one!

8. The Woods – We all know what happens when two people are alone together in the woods… let your wildest fantasies come true and make sure to pick somewhere secluded so as not to draw attention from any passersby (or bears).

9. In Flight - As long as there's plenty of privacy (and turbulence) then why not join the mile high club? Plus, who knows - maybe even your cabin crew will want in on the action...

10. On Stage - Taking things up on stage may seem intimidating at first but trust us when we say that it's worth it once you get going! After all - where else can you feel like rock stars without actually having any musical talent?

11. At Work - Unless your office has installed cameras everywhere (which we really hope they haven't), then this is definitely one way to spice up an otherwise dull Monday morning meeting...

12. Hotel Room - What could be better than finding yourself locked away in a hotel room with only one goal in mind? Just make sure that no one else has access to your key card...

13. On Top Of The World - Okay so maybe not literally on top of the world but close enough! Whether it's mountain climbing or bungee jumping, taking things outdoors will never cease to amaze and excite us all alike...

14. At The Movies - Although sneaking into an empty movie theater seems like more trouble than its worth these days (with digital tickets and online streaming services), there's always something nostalgic about doing something naughty while surrounded by strangers watching big blockbusters on giant screens....

15. In A Tent - Camping trips are already pretty romantic thanks to all those stories around campfires but why not add some extra spice by taking things into your tent afterwards? Make sure no one is watching though... please!

16. On A Train/Bus - Not for everyone but still worth mentioning nonetheless; many people find traveling incredibly stimulating which makes public transportation buses/trains prime real estate for amorous activities... just keep quiet please so as not too attract too much attention from other passengers..

17. In a field: take a picnic blanket to stop the grass from tickling your cooch, but enjoy the great outdoors and clean air.

18. In an abandoned building - make sure it's safe and that there aren't too many hazards around, but fucking in the eerie quiet of an abandoned building should be high on the bucket list.

19. In a barn: there's nothing hotter than being picked up and thrown on a farmer's work bench or against the hay bales, Charlie can attest to this one!

20. At your parent's place: there's something really spicy about getting it on under the family roof, don't you think? Just make sure everyone is out or distracted for a significant period of time.

With 20 places listed above, it should become easier for couples seeking adventure and excitement in their relationships — whether they're looking for something new or just wanting something different every now and again —to find creative ways to get down and dirty without ever leaving home (or their beds). So what are you waiting for? Get ready set go explore these amazing places today because who knows how long we've got left here on Earth—make each moment count before 'the end' arrives!! Now go forth love birds—enjoy yourselves!! #sextilyoudie :)

Charlie x