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So, you’re thinking about becoming a porn star. Your name in magazines and across websites with fans around the world jerking off to the thought of your face, or rather your whole naked body. It sounds simple enough, right? You fuck or get fucked and make a paycheck! If only that was everything!

Being a porn star isn’t just making the occasional sex tape and then making enough money to live in a mansion. If that were the case, the Kardashians wouldn’t need their daddy’s money to be rich. Being a successful performer is difficult and requires different things for males versus females. Each gender has their own challenges and it’s not always what you might think. Regardless of the gender, a lot of a performer’s success relies on marketing themselves, creating a constant stream of new content, and having a good level of chemistry with their onscreen partners.

For females, there are challenges with being enough, as a whole. Adventurous enough, sexy enough, likeable or friendly enough, and marketable enough. The sexiest woman in the world might be a total bitch, so no one wants to work with her or create content with her. It ends up being about creating an on-stage persona that is likeable with both fans and other performers.

With men, you need to be even more marketable than women. You also need to make your partners feel comfortable and sexy to create that chemistry without being overbearing. While the market for sex and porn is becoming more widely enjoyed by women, the biggest market of people that pay to watch porn is still men, and most men don’t care about seeing other men in porn. When they do see other men, they want to see the average male. They don’t want unrealistically attractive men, then want someone who seems average to make them feel like they have a change with the female performers, while still being handsome enough to not detract from the scene.

The physical challenges for male pornstars are also very different to female performers. Female performers often do extremely athletic things with their body and orifices; for men, the challenge lies less in the athleticism (although they must be extremely fit in order to hold the positions expected of them) and moreso lies in keeping extreme control of their erection and orgasm. This is why there are such a small number of men in the porn industry - it's one thing to maintain and control an orgasm, and a whole other thing to do this in front of a room of total strangers. If a male performer struggles to maintain an erection then they may choose to inject viagra into their penis to create a reliable performance, and many people are too squeamish to do this!

It's a fine line to walk and it takes a very particular type of personality, especially for men, to be successful in the porn industry. It’s not impossible and you should absolutely try it, if that’s what you want to do, but it is never just smash and dash. Be prepared to work your ass off if you plan to make a career out of it.

Charlie x

We all know the thrill of getting it on in public. It’s exciting, naughty, and a great way to switch up your sex life. But if you’re going to do it, you should do it right. Here are ten locations perfect for some public sex that will have you both saying “oh yeah!” 1. On a rooftop. Enjoy the night sky and some breathtaking views while you get down to business with your partner. Just make sure there aren’t any peeping toms around! 2. In the backseat of a car. It may be cramped, but we promise it will be fun and definitely memorable. Bonus points if you can find a secluded spot in a parking lot or somewhere far away from prying eyes. 3. At the beach or by a lake/river/pond/etc.. Nothing quite beats the sound of lapping waves and seagulls as background noise while having sex outdoors! Of course, make sure to bring a blanket just in case. 4. On top of a mountain or in an isolated area of the woods/forest/jungle etc.. This is a great place for some privacy if you can find an area far enough away from civilization (just make sure you don't get lost!). Plus, the fresh air might give your session an added boost of adrenaline! 5. In an abandoned building or house. Exploring an abandoned building can be thrilling enough on its own - but add in some steamy bedroom activities and now we're talking about an adventure! Just remember to stay safe and keep your wits about you; no one wants to get arrested for breaking and entering! 6. In your backyard (or balcony). If you're feeling daring but don't want to venture too far out into public territory, why not try something close to home? Your own backyard (or balcony) can provide just enough privacy for some outdoor fun - just make sure there isn't anyone nearby who could catch you in the act! 7. At a nightclub or bar bathroom stall.. There's nothing like getting wild at the club with your partner - especially if it's just between the two of you! A quickie in one of the club's bathrooms stalls could provide just enough time for some sexy fun before heading back out onto the dancefloor (just remember not to make too much noise!). 8. On top of laundry machines at laundromats.. Who would've thought doing chores could be so much fun?! Take advantage of those few minutes between cycles and jump on top for some naughty fun - just don't forget about taking your clothes out afterwards ;) 9. At work during lunch break.. If office fantasies are more your thing, then why not try having a quickie during lunchtime? You'll need to make sure there aren't any nosy co-workers around though - otherwise they might end up catching more than they bargained for! 10. Inside movie theaters / drive-in movies.. Get ready for some cinematic pleasure with this one! We recommend trying either inside movie theaters or drive-in movies where dark corners provide plenty opportunities for naughty activities (just watch out for other guests who might come too close!) As long as safety is kept in mind, public sex can be an incredibly exciting experience that adds that extra spark into your relationship or even spice things up with someone new!. With these ten places as inspiration, why not take that leap together today? Have fun exploring new places together and living out those wildest fantasies without worrying about being caught—after all, what kind of story isn't better with a bit of risk involved? Good luck and enjoy yourselves responsibly!

I recently attended the AVN Awards in Las Vegas, and it was a night that I won’t soon forget! It was an incredible experience to meet some of the most recognizable faces in the adult industry, and I am so grateful to all of my fans who have supported me throughout my career.

The AVN Awards are an annual event that honors excellence in the adult industry. This year, I was nominated for two awards, Best international Anal Scene and Best International All-Girl Scene. While I didn't end up taking home either award, it was truly an honor to be nominated amongst such talented people.

While at the awards ceremony, I had the chance to meet some of my idols from both within and outside of the adult entertainment world. From legendary porn stars such as Savannah Bond and Kira Noir to mainstream celebs like Yung Gravy, it was certainly a night full of surprises! The atmosphere was electric; everyone seemed more than happy to be there celebrating each other's successes.

I also want to extend a special thank you to all my fans who have supported me over the years. Without you, none of this would have been possible! I am proud of what I've accomplished thus far in my career and look forward to continuing making great hardcore porn for many years to come.

Attending the AVN Awards was one of the highlights of my entire career so far! It was an amazing night filled with incredible people from both inside and outside of porn. Most importantly, I want to express my deep gratitude for all those who have supported me along this journey — without you, none of this would be possible! Here's to many more years filled with memorable experiences such as this one!

Thank you again for your continued support!

Charlie x

As a porn professional, I get one question more commonly than any other: Is porn inherently risky? The answer is a very clear and firm one: Sometimes. If this confuses you, let me explain it in a much simpler way. Sex, in general, can be risky, especially casual sex with other people who have casual sex. Porn can be both riskier and safer than sex with a date, depending on what area you’re referring to.

With any form casual sex, there is always the potential risk of an STI or STD, especially if your partner isn’t showing symptoms. If there are no symptoms or physical indicators, it’s difficult to tell, and sometimes the tests don’t detect an early infection. In most places, most people in porn will get tested fortnightly to monthly for a wide variety of sexually transmitted infections and diseases to prevent spreading it around. This also proves to make it safer than casual hookups outside of porn, since most people outside the industry never get tested unless they’re required to.

There are, of course, other aspects, too. Porn tends to be more adventurous than normal vanilla sex, so creating porn means you’ll find yourself in wilder situations than most people. A big one is taking in more than the average dick size. Whether it’s a larger-than-average dick or a large dildo or a fist, there is the potential for tearing in your nether regions, whether it’s vaginal or anal. With porn, there is usually a lot of lube and plenty of communication before a scene is filmed so your partner knows what you’re comfortable with and what you’ve tried before.

Essentially, porn stars end up communicating more than most couples in regards to sexual stimulants and past experiences and we tend to be more open about what really turns us on so we can make better content for the viewers. Are there risks? Absolutely! But there are far more risks when you’re picking up some random Joe at the bar or finding a Tinder date, and in porn, you’re less likely to be judged for sleeping around.

Charlie x